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How to: Feel Comfortable

Hey, my beautiful lovely warriors! So this is a topic that has been on my mind a lot lately. I have been struggling with the idea of being comfortable in my skin. Which is such a hard topic, and I am not even sure how to approach it.

Some days are good days and some days are bad. But, the positive part is that most days are good days with little bad moments. There are certain things that will throw me off and make me question my self worth. And something that happens to most of us, is that when we are sad we sit in that mood.

Too often whenever something bad happens to us we do not even try to combat the negative thoughts. We lay down, cry, listen to sad music, which sad movies/videos, and we internalize everything. We start a dialogue in our head of negative thoughts.

91a5c740f17dc88192d842df8a1761e6When the easiest way to get out of that is to start taking actions. You have to listen to music that lifts you up, be with family and friends, go out to eat, do something fun even though you don’t feel like it.

And like everything, it starts with slow baby steps. If you want to love your body and feel good/comfortable in your skin, than you have to start small. Wake up everyday and look in the mirror and say something you like about yourself. And stop at that, don’t go to the negative side of your thoughts that compares your body to what culture says is beautiful. Just look at your reflection of your physical body and pick something you like about it that day.

It’s such a simple and easy step to take, but yet it can be so hard. And I really encourage you to not pick something that is really throw at you to be good. For example, don’t say that you look smaller to be the one compliment, just choose something that doesn’t change. You like your eyes, your makeup, your outfit, your whatever.

I still haven’t conquered this part of recovery. I struggle with accepting my changing body. What helps me is listening to podcast. I like to listen to Food Psych. I got power from these. It helps me realize that there is so much more to me than a body. Another helpful tool is my bible. Reading my bible everyday gives me perspective and praying to God and telling Him how I have been feeling is very helpful.

I promise it is not easy accepting your body. But it is possible. Too often I choose something because if the way it makes me look, or I don’t post something because of the way I look. It is so hard to accept my body when everyday I am bombard with the “Ideal” body, and it happens to not be mine.

A healthy body is the ideal body. A healthy body with a healthy mind is the perfect pair. Because imagine how much joy and how much fun you will have when you are not consumed with ED thoughts 24/7. I thought it would never be possible to not always be thinking about food. But as time goes by, your focus shifts. You find your passions again. You find your prioritize.

I encourage you to spend time daily talking to God about your body image struggle. And really focus on you, not your body, but your as a person and the things you want and you want to have and do. And how if your body is not healthy than you will never be able to do those things.

e5adc72c3d2ed7d3b714ff84953c37a6Your body is something that is always changing, and if you can accept your body where it is than as it changes it will be easer to accept the changes. Follow people on social media who are bodiposi and who are apart of the HAES movement. Surround yourself with positive people who love themselves and you no matter what their/your body looks like.

A fun part, for most women, is the shopping aspect (if they can financial afford to). When your body changes you get to go and find new clothing. Change your style if you want. Find things your truly like.

Because clothing is meant to fit you, not the other way around.

My goal for you:

  • Go and buy an outfit that makes you feel fabulous sometime this week (or month, or today!)

I hope you morning, afternoon, or night is amazing and that you take sometime to love yourself. I thank God everyday for the opportunity to write.

Love, Mack.

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