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How to: Trust Your Body

Heya, lovelies! So this will be the last bog in my how to series, and I can’t wait to start up my next series:) I hope you’ll be excited for it also. Hint: It has to do with coming events.

This is a harder topic to talk about because its very personal and different for each person. But the mental part and some of the science stands true for everyone.

Every body has what’s called a set point. If you’ve never heard of this I’ll give a brief little summary of what it is. It’s the idea (proven) that every body has a body weight where it is safest, healthiest, and happiest at. And no matter what you do, your body will want to remain at the weight. It will be different for every single person. But as long as you’re feeding your body what it wants and not over exercising than your body will be able to maintain that weight effortlessly. You won’t have to worry about anything.

And with this, I also advocate not weighing yourself. Just knowing that your body is where it is supposed to be. We can not even fathom just how meticulous God made our bodies. He made us wonderfully. Our bodies are so smart that we couldn’t even understand how to control them.

Our culture tells us that food and exercise are how we control what our bodies look like. But in honesty nothing is doable and nothing can be permeant. No diet actually works.

The key to having the body you want, is loving the body you have.

You have to get to a point where you realize your body knows more than you. Your body knows what’s best for it. Your body knows when it needs food and knows when it’s no longer hungry.

Something that you are bound to struggle with in recovery is trusting your body. I still struggle with my body and the cues it sends. It’s hard to figure out when I’m hungry and when I’m full. Because majority of the time I never felt full.

It felt like I had a cave that would never be full. And slowly, I’m still getting my full cues back in track. It’s all about waiting. Waiting for your body to trust you again.

Something that helps your body when you don’t feel hunger or full cues is taking to a dietician. But if you can’t do that, then figure out a schedule to eat in the day. Depending on your body and your ED the schedule may be different. But I did three meals and three snacks everyday. Which was so difficult but it slowly got better.  I slowly could hear what my body was wanting and needing.

It’s hard to realize that your body knows what’s best for it. It seems so simple. But really we have to step back and listen to our bodies. Eat whatever we want whenever we want to.

71987a7cfcb4d549c03d9f7f20527445It’s hard to give yourself the freedom to do that. To really tell yourself that your gong to be OK if you just let go of all the rules you have. Imagine how much more you could do. You’ll have so much more mental freedom once you trust your body to do its job. Your body is made to take care of you. So take care of your body. Listen to it. It’s hard and it has taken me months to slowly be able to hear my bodies needs.

But, God made our bodies intrinsically and designed us with a plan in mind. His design is so amazing and so perfect that when we feed our bodies and listen to them, they will automatically stay at their set point weight.

My goal for you today:

  • Go through the whole day and every time you eat (or don’t eat) try to be quiet and gentle with yourself. Try to listen to your body and what’s is saying to you.
  • And if your at a point where you need to follow a specific eating schedule, than that’s fine too. Try and go through the day and really hear what your body is saying.  If it is full or if it is hunger.  Whatever it may be.
  • Eat what you body wants and what you will enjoy.

I hope your day is amazing and I pray that you can find a place of trust for you bodies design and brilliance to do what it needs to do to live and thrive.

Love, Mack.

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