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Halloween from a Christian Perspective

BOOOOO!!! It is officially halloween and finally fall feeling. The weather is amazing and cool outside. November is almost here and the holiday season is upon us! I love this time of the year so much. But, with this time of the year comes a lot of hard things.

I remember going through the holiday months with an eating disorder and how hard it was for me. It was not fun, it was anxiety and fear of food. I was constantly calculating what I ate and if I would be able to work out or not. It made my holiday season miserable, even if to everyone else it seemed like I was having a good time.

I plan to more in depth post about how to handle the holiday season with an eating disorder, but for this I more want to focus on Halloween as a christian girl. Halloween can be a very fun holiday, but also confusing as a christian. Some people see it as a “devil” holiday and some see it as a way to just have fun. To see it all depends on how you treat the holiday.

You can spend it going to scary things and going to parties, or you can dress up as a favorite character and go trick or treating. I think it as a fun holiday, especially as a nerd to be able to cosplay your favorite fictional character. But, I am also a teenager and young adult and there are easy traps to fall into.

It’s easy for me to be jealous of people who go to parties and seem to have a great time. I see girls with hardly any clothing on, and of course they are considered the “popular” girls. I feel tempted to dress more scandalous just because I could get away with it on a costume like holiday.

But, I have to remember that in everything I do, I want to honor God. In the way I dress and the way I celebrate and go out with friends. It should all be a light of Him. And, if someone sees me and I am not reflecting God than I am doing a poor job in my spirituality. We are called to be examples.

67dac0ea04b38fb978121042b602bb4fI can still have fun and dress up as a favorite character, but I shouldn’t use Halloween as an excuse to be provocative just because it makes me feel like I “fit in”. I think you should enjoy holidays with family and not focus on trying to scare people and go out and have a crazy time.

I believe that our actions should reflect God. That is our ultimate goal as believers. It is not hard to find a modest costume to wear, and I promise your friends (if they are real friends) will not care. You should strive to surround yourself with people you want to be more like and who are wise and fun people.

I truly believe that christians are fun people and know how to have a good time that is also safe and God honoring. God wants us to enjoy life and enjoy holidays.

This time of the year is such a hectic and fun time for everyone. But I encourage to keep God at the center of everything you do. Choose to take Him with you wherever you go. Be his disciple. The holidays should be a time of thankfulness.

Halloween is so much fun and its like an introduction to fall and cool weather. You get to go out and be a little kid again. To dress up and get your favorite candies. I encourage you, if you have an eating disorder to not be scared of this time of the year. To real and embrace recovery.

I remember hating halloween and whenever I got candy I would save it all and bring it home for other people to eat, and not myself. Candies that I had loved previously and had never thought twice about eating them. I catch myself now still having lingering thoughts about my ED. I try to acknowledge the thoughts and know that they are ED thoughts and they are not true. It is so hard for me to combat them. I have to continue to say affirming thoughts to myself. It seems easy to try and just eat healthy and in fact I am still in my disordered thoughts.


I have to pray about the struggles and thoughts that come back during this time of the year. I really have to ask God to help me through and keep me humble. To help me stay modest and to not desire things of the world and things that the world tells me I need.

My goal for you today:

  • If you are celebrating Halloween I hope you do so in a modest attire and in a God honoring way.
  • I challenge you to eat the candies (at least one) that you have enjoyed your life up until your ED.

I pray your day is amazing and that you are enjoying the holiday season as much as I am:)

Love, Mack.


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