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Haiti ‘17

Mission trips.

Mission trips mean so much to me. This was my second time going to Haiti and I had an amazing time. I really felt so different this time. I was in a different place mentally and it made all the difference.

I was able to go and truly be free. I could love others fully because I loved myself first. How can we love others if we do not first love ourselves? The Bible teaches us to love others, but we also have to love ourselves with that. The two come together.

Going to Haiti was life changing. It meant so much to me. It gave me perspective and true joy. Joy that it seems hard to find in America at times. Joy that does not come from the material things in life. Joy that comes from within, from a hope in God.

The first time I went to Haiti I was too focused on my weight and my food intake that I hardly had any time to think about helping others and truly living in the moment. I am so thankful I had the chance to come back and have an amazing trip with friends and family.

IMG_1842This time also had some new complications with it too. It came with a lot more feelings than before. And the worst part for me was coming back. I had missed a week of school and was stressed to the max. I could not stand Americans and was getting annoyed at all the small things.

And sometimes after going on mission trips we get stuck in the frame of mind. We get upset at everyone else ignorance and get mad at them for not look past their own small wants. But we have to be gentle with the people around us same as we would be with the people we go to help in other places.

We have to have grace with everyone. God calls us to preach through example. If you come back from a mission trip annoyed and angry no one will every want to go on a mission trip. You should be full of life. Ready to show others the goodness of God.

There is so much we can do to help others. And I pray you don’t get discouraged in your faith. There is so much evil in our world, but going on mission trips reminds me of how much good there is combatting it. There are people giving their lives for the message of Christ. People giving all for others, just like Christ did for us.

The easiest way to help others is to just send a small prayer to them. To pray for those lessen fortunate than you. To pray for those with stubborn hearts unwilling to trust God. Pray for every single person to have a relationship with God.

God calls us to spread his word. Not only to the people in 3rd world countries and remote areas of the world, but to your classmate and your neighbors. See others the way God sees them. A child waiting to be found, looking for their father.

IMG_1521.jpgMission trips are hard. They’re a culture shock for most. But there is something about them that brings me joy. Something that gives me hope for our world. Hope that people are good. That there are little children without parents who are still smiling with endless joy.

Just take a minute out of your day today and send a prayer for someone out there who needs Gods grace and help through life.

Have beautiful day and I hope you are living your best life possible in order to bring God joy,

Love, Mack.

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