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Cautious Recovery: Media

Hello my lovely warriors! So I am going to start a new series that I hope is informational to you and is slight nudge for you to move towards recovering. So this series is going to be a little long but it is something I feel very passionate about and that I feel is imperative in recovering, not only from an eating disorder, but from anything that is trapping you in unhappiness.

What we intake is so important, I am not just talking about food wise, but mentally. We have to be VERY careful about what we watch, say, think and do. Everything matters. And I really want to dig into how what you are watching is either helping or hurting your recovery.

Recovering is such a delicate thing that you have to take into every area of your life. You have to put forth the effort in everything you do. You have to take a stand against your eating disorder and mentally put on a suit of armor every day.

Every day is a new battle, but I believe you are strong enough to handle it and come out winning the war. But, there are things you can do to take away the hard obstacle and set backs if you are brave enough to fight back against culture and society. It won’t be easy and you may be seen as strange and an outcast to some, but I promise it is worth it. Your mental and physical health is worth it every time. You are worth it.

So I am going to go through some things that will make it a tad bit easier for you to continue recovering.

You need to take a stand in everything you watch. The movies you watch and the tv shows you watch. All of it is either helping or not helping. And you have to think about it with your healthy self and decide if watching this certain thing is encouraging you to be happy and healthy or not.

You need to go through everything you are watching and decide if you want to watch it. If you are being helped by it. The things we watch bleed into our own lives. If we are watching sad and depressing movies then are lives will reflect that.

We self prophecies through what we see and hear. We get the choice to watch shows that make us feel good and do not trigger us. If any show has a character, a script, certain words, anything that triggers you I am giving you permission to stop watching it. You do not have to watch that. Watch something that is funny, cute, a drama, something sweet, but just make sure that you are keeping your health at the top of everything you do.

Another huge trigger platform, especially for me was YouTube. It is rare to find a YouTuber who is not triggering you. That is way I am telling you in the midst of recovery you will be benefitted immensely from not watching YouTube.

There are so many videos that are triggering. I was obsessed with watching “What I Eat In A Day” videos. This videos are horrible. Please, I beg you, do not watch this. You can not compare what your body needs to what others are eating in a SINGLE day. That is just a glimpse into their lives.

And the majority of the time a lot of those YouTubers may be struggling with disordered eating as well. You need to be around people who encourage you and who eat whatever whenever they want. You need to surround yourself with stable people.

Watching those “healthy” videos and constant workout routines or meal prep or whatever is for you, is not healthy. It is impeding your recovery. You have to just close the tab. Find something else to do with your time. Read, write, paint, talk, I don’t care, just don’t put yourself in slippery situations.


Keep you mental state safe, care for your emotions and heart. Take care of yourself. Your recovery is much more important than watching YouTube, Netflix, or movies.

But, there were a few things that helped me in my recovery.

On YouTube I would watch videos by Jen Brett (who is amazing and my role model), I would watch self help videos (about mental self help, not physical), I would watch Christian videos to help me grow in my faith, and sometimes I would just not watch anything.

I encourage you to do some self reflecting on things that are truly helping your recovery and things that are keeping you from recovery. Take out the things that are hurting you, mentally and physically.

My goal for you today:

  • Sit down and make a list of the videos, movies, and shows you watch. Decide which ones are helpful and which are not. If you need help, ask a friend/family member or a doctor who knows you story and struggle.

I am praying that you continue down the path of recovery and that you find peace with yourself.

Love, Mack.

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