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Cautious Recovery: Music

Hello, my lovely warriors! I hope your November is ending well and that you are enjoying the weather wherever you are. I hopes its cooler for you as we slowly approach winter. So this post is continuing in my cautious recovery series, which is meant as a sort of warning to you and a way for you to structure like so you won’t get caught in too many bump ups in recovery.

3657f8049d6c5768090db2c87ffa1b00You have to be cautious in your recovery in order not to relapse. If you are truly serious about recovering then you will put forth the effort in every area of your life. You have to prioritize your recovery and health in every aspect of your life.

And, it may not seem important, but what you listen to is very important in your mental health. Trust me, I know! It is so easy for us to feel bad and in return listen to music that makes us feel worse.

It makes absolutely no sense. We know that we feel horrible, but yet we listen to music that feeds those feelings. We look up sad playlist and depressing songs, just so we can lay in bed and not do anything while feeling horrible. And then, we wonder why we feel so bad and so unmotivated to work towards anything, including recovery.

I know how hard it is to listen to happy and uplifting music when your mood is the complete opposite. But after a few minutes, I guarantee that you will not continue to feel down in the dumps. Music is so important in our lives. It express things that we can’t say, but what we feel.

So to start, try and purge out your playlist and “favorite” songs. Work on every little thing you listen to. The rap songs and the songs that encourage you to feel bad NEED to go. Instead, listen to music that always makes you happy. That when you hear it you say, “That’s my favorite song!”.

So to start, find songs that are body positive. Songs that make you feel excepted and that make you love yourself even more. Songs that make you feel like dancing and songs that make you feel like you are worth something and that recovery is paramount for your life.

1381ae12bce4d9e6627a9da72bd487fbI found it helpful to watch worship videos. I had to go through every part of my life, including Spotify (whatever you use to listen to music) and un-save songs that made me hate life and feel sad, and instead choose songs that made me want to dance and sing and love life.

I started to listen to worship songs and to get back into worship music. I have always loved Christian songs and I think that singing and listening about songs that put the focus on something that is not you, another human, or a material thing; puts things back in perspective.

Listen to songs that make you thankful, that give you words to praise God instead of man. Put your focus on something completely out of this world (literally). Put your heart and song into something that has nothing to do with ED and with your body at all. Sing about a God who endlessly loves you and wants the best for you.

A God who sees you as beautiful no matter the shape f you body, because guess what! He made it. He made your body exactly how he wanted, and called it perfect. Each body was hand sculpted by him, and this plays into set point weight theory. He made your body a specific weight, and when you try and change that you are telling him that he is not a perfect God whose works are magnificent.

No matter what songs or others may say, what is important is what your Heavenly Father says about you. He says you are perfect. And whatever you are listening to, I urge you to really think about the message it is saying and if it is helping or hurting your recovery.

Love, Mack.

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