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3 Tricks To Listening To Your Body

Hello, lovely warriors! I hope your week is going amazing and that you are spending the holidays with family or ones you love.

Speaking of holiday season, something that is very important and stressed during the holidays is listening to your body. This is so important when your at the many holiday parties and surrounded with diet culture.

When around the seemingly endless amounts of food during this season while at the same time being bombarded with constant ads to lose weight or workout or start a diet. It is every and can be daunting to someone in recovery. But, thats why below I have some tricks to help get you through the holidays without “overeating” and without restricting and/or working out to make up.

1. Slow Down.

Take a few seconds in between bits, or not even bits in between switching from different foods (ex. mashed potatoes to green beans). Just take a second to breath, to feel where you are.

Slow down and try and hear where your body is, and if you can’t feel where you’re at, then I would say you’re fine. Continue to eat, not in a “last meal” mentality, but in a way that gives you freedom to have dessert to relax and not be uncomfortable.

Also disclaimer: you are already to be uncomfortable after eating. You are not bad or in the wrong if you are “full to the max”. It is fine to eat and eat past the feeling of being full. You are allowed to eat what taste good to you and if you eat “more than usually” you are not bad. You do not have to already plan your workout for the next day, you can just rest.

Except where your body is at.

2. Focus on you.

Something that I have always struggled with is comparison. No matter what holiday or what meal it is. I have struggled with comparing what I want to get or how much I eat to other people I am with. I would us them to judge how much I should eat or not eat.

The only issue with this is if you are eating with someone who has restrictive habits, and even if they don’t you body in recovery NEEDS so much more than other bodies. When in recovery your needs are so much different than those you may be eating with. Every body needs something different and you have to understand that when eating with others.

If you can not feel your full point, than maybe you are not full. It has taken me almost a year to actually begin to feel full cues. Because for so long my body just was never full. My body constantly wanted more and more, but I was unwilling to “give in” to it. I wanted to eat as close to “normal” as possible. I did not want to be seen as special, or different.

So I encourage you to focus only on you. Keep you thoughts focused on what you’re eating. On positive steps and triumphs for you. Things that prove to you ED that you are winning the battle.

3. Choose Joy.

Choose foods that you actually like, foods that bring you joy. Listening and hearing your bodies cues comes with time. But you can also start by figuring out what foods you truly like. Find foods that bring you joy, foods that you truly like.

By doing this you are starting to listen to your body. Starting to find new foods you may like and trying new things that may be scary, but will completely be worth it. Trust me. I have been there, I have been terrified of trying foods that I used to love.

But I did, and if I maybe did not like them as much as I used to then I would continue to try new things. Do regret anything. When you’re older you don’t want your memories to be having to special order something or having to stick out at family occasions feeling horrible about yourself. Find the courage. Find the power within you to take small steps at a time.

Everyday you wake up think of one thing you are grateful for. Start your day with joy, and the small things may not seem so big anymore.

Love, Mack.

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