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How To Get Through Christmas With An Eating Disorder

Hello, lovely warriors! So Christmas is a week away, and even If you do not celebrate Christmas, the holiday season is still jammed packed with problems for someone recovering from an eating disorder.

This time of the year is filled with some much joy and love all around us, but when you are in the midst of recovering from an eating disorder it is much more difficult to focus on yourself and your own health. This time of the year for most people is either really frustrating and hard, or it is wonderful and fill with joy.

But, I encourage you to stay to your recovery. Stay strong during this time. There are a few precautions you can take to make sure you stay on the right path on your recover, and a few helpful things during different parties or times.

So first thing first, I have said it before and I will say it again, find someone who will keep you accountable Maybe a parent or maybe a friend, it could even be your doctor who you are close with and encourages HAES. Talk to this person about what you are going through.

The mental issues that you may be going through, big mental hurtles that you find difficult during this time, anything and everything. Tell someone!! That’s all you have to do, and even if you don’t feel ready to talk to others, write it down. Write down you goals and what you did that day (DO NOT WRITE DOWN CALORIES).

Next I would tell you to make a plan. Go into Christmas time and the many MANY parties and good occasions with a semi-plan. Do not write/plan every single thing you are going to eat. Be flexible. Be ready to make room for new foods and new drinks that you enjoy and are fun foods.

Have a semi-plan to make sure you are not restricted certain meals and leaving out certain food groups. Be careful to not let old ED habits creep in during this time just because you feel out of control. I know how out of control many people in recovery feel during this time of the year. It is so easy to want to fall back into things that feel comfortable and “easy”.

Stay strong, stay encouraged to all the hard work you have put into your recovery.

Next, be ready for things to be thrown at you. Be ready for questions, diet talk, anything and everything that will try to stop your recovery. There is so much talk around this time of “I ate so much”, “I have been eating so ‘bad'”, “I need to workout”.

All this talk can be so triggering for someone I recovery. Hearing all these people talking about trying to “get fit” or lose weight, is so difficult for someone who is trying to love themselves no matter what.

You are trying to work on a. love for your body no matter where it is at, and to learn to be neutral with food all around. Learn to enjoy fun foods and have your version of “balance” and whatever that means for you and your life.

Just remember during this time, your needs are so different from other peoples. You need different things, mentally and physically.

So stay encouraged!


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