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How to Move Past Cultures Idea of Healthy

Hey there my strong brave warriors! So I am beyond excited right now because it is snowing outside! It has never snowed where I live before and I am so pumped. It is amazing and so beautiful. So I hope everyones day is going amazing so far and if you are lucky enough to have snow often I am slightly jealous of you:)

Something that I have lately been confused with and struggling through is how to move past what I call the “normal” eating stage. What I mean by the “normal” stage of eating is what our culture tells us is normal, and not only that, but what we see all around us that is considered normal. We see our friends and family eating and we consider that normal. But in majority of cases that is not what is the best way for your body to be eating or exercising.

More in depth of what this stage is, and to be specific I think this stage is an important stage that during recovery, you have to move past. I feel like a lot of people can get stuck in this phase and then suffer from falling into relapse. This stage to me is how majority of people live. With a part of them they dislike and try to change, a constant falling in and out of dieting, even small restrictive eating habits, wanting to get a little bit thinner or even fitter, wanting to workout 4-5 times a week, wanting to eat “healthier”, etc.

Lately I have been trying to fight my way through this phase. I want to move past how the rest of society sees eating, but that small part of me wants to follow everyone, to give in to what society is telling me. But, I know it has the high possibility of sending me back into my disordered eating. It is so hard this constant battle of trying to listen to my body and my mind at the same time. Trying to figure out if I am craving something or wanting something, and if I should listen or not.

This battle in my head has been going on for about a month and I feel like I am slowly moving out of it. I am trying to focus on not my body, but my mind. To listen when I am hungry, when I am full, and not just that but what I may be craving emotionally or physically.

So, please, stay vigilant. Stay focused on your recovery. Do not try and focus on what society is trying to say to you. Our society wants us to be in an unhappy and never satisfied state with our body and sometimes we just want to feel “normal” and to fit in with everyone else. A part of you may want to just be like your friends and want to lose weight or work out more, or what ever it is that may be unhealthy for your recovery.

You have to make a mental effort to move past it. It seems easy to get stuck in this phase of recovery. But, I promise in order to live your life to the fullest make an effort to continue to move past it. Make small steps. Try to not listen to what everyone else is saying. You have the opportunity to move to a place of freedom that most people will sadly never make it to.

Here are a few things that help me to stay encouraged on eating what my body wants and needs, and working out when I feel like it:

  1. Find what really matters.
    1. Your family, your mental health, your job, your religion, your happiness, etc.
  2. Focus on what you want.
    1. Think about what you want in life, not just physically, but in general. For me I think about (which I know is not the best because it is still focusing in my body) that I want curves, this helps encourage me to listen to my body and not push myself.
  3. Embrace and love where you are at.
    1. It is ok at not have it all figured out, it is “normal”. But, do not get stuck in that, continue to move towards the freedom you have been working so hard for.

Love, Mack.

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