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How To Live The Life You Want (and are made for)

Hello my wonderful best friends, my fighters! So as the year continues on something that always comes up with a new year is talk about your past and your life. It is common for most people to look back at the last year and figure out what was good and bad.

During a new year we start to really think about the life we want to be living. Which sounds huge and hard to figure out, but honestly it all stands on one thing in my opinion: God. This is the continuous factor to build the life you want on. Even if you are not religious or are not a christian, I still believe that you can apply these things to your life.

When it comes to trying to live the life you want, you first have to figure out what the life you want is. What do you want out of life, your dreams and aspirations. It doesn’t matter your age, race, or gender.

Building the life you want, for me and what I have done starts with sitting down and figuring out what that means. What I have done is to look at people and follow people who live a life similar to what I strive to live. Go research people who you look up too, for me it is christian women, strong women, you tubers, freelancers, inspirational people/speakers, fictional characters even, etc.

When you figure out what kind of life you would like what really matters is applying that. Apply the qualities that you want out of life. It is not about wanting a life like the Kardashians with huge homes, clothing, money, and the “perfect” body, it is about finding the qualities you want in yourself.

I believe our perfect life will come to us when we began to create the characteristics and qualities we love in others, in ourselves. What do you value most in people, in humanity? apply it to yourself, write it down, reread it, stick to it, set reminders, ask someone to keep you accountable, ask God to help you, pray daily, stay in the Word daily, do the things that will bring joy to your life even if they are difficult.

Things this year that have stuck out to me about myself, which if I address and apply better and more godly characteristics too I will create the life I want. The way I see it is the life we want is the life we are content in, I know thats not what you want to hear, but trust me once you start to become the person that honors God, your life will become one of content hopefully.

Recommendations of things to create in yourself to live the life you want:

  •  First and for most a contentment with where you are. Find the space to accept everything you are, your body, mind, and soul, and to be okay with it. To be content with your physical, your financial, your home, your family, your life, all knowing that you may not be able to change it and it may be a bad situation, but your life rest in the hands of a good God who has a plan for you.
  • Cultivate kindness. Something I am trying to work on this year in me is a constant kindness, to others and myself Giving myself the lenience to eat and to not work out if need be, but at the same to allowing myself to choose “healthier” foods. Being kind to others in what I say and what I do, to be the smiling person. To be the person who lightens their day and just understands that life gets hard.
  • Make commitments. When you want to do something commit to it. Write it in your schedule, keep it at the back of your head. I want to read more so I have a schedule of books and the times I hope to read them in. I want to focus on school and make goods grades so I have agreed to not watch any Netflix until I have finished homework and/or studied. I want to commit to daily devotionals so I set my alarm clock early, I want to put more time into self care so I give myself time and space and supplies to do that. You have to put your wants and goals into action.
  • Choose God. In every action I take and everything I do I try my hardest to keep God at the center. In the way I dress and the way I talk, in what I watch and in what I listen to, in how I spend my free time, in how I treat others, to always keep God at the center. To think to myself, “If Jesus were here would I still choose this?”

Something A little specific that I feel God working on in my heart is gossiping. Girls and guys a like struggle with gossiping, just most the time we do it in different ways. But, I feel like things I have said with friends have gone past just talking and “venting” and moved towards gossiping and means.

So, I was talking to my mom about it and a helpful thing you told me was “Would you still be comfortable saying _____ in front of the person if they were there?”

I hope that some of these things help you to create in you the things you value and that you strive for. Because when we become the person GOD wants us to be, then we live the life WE want.

Love, Mack


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