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New Start: Mindfully Changing/Adjusting Your Social Media Habits

Hey my wonderful lovelies! So continuing with the new year theme and the idea of a new start I want to talk about social media. Social media, especially in our culture plays such a huge roll in our daily lives.

When talking about social media there are a vast number of apps and things I am referring to. Most likely you already know what social medias you are most active on. For me I use instagram, twitter, snapchat, Pinterest, youtube (In a way), and vsco and facebook a very small amount.

I do not think social media along is harmful, but like everything too much can affect not only an eating disorder, but your life in general. I like social media just as much as anyone, but for a few months I have been working to be more mindful about my social media use.

Being mindful in this area will help to shine light on the bad parts and the negative way it could be affecting your life. I believe that social media has a lot of negative possibilities to damage our lives, while at the same time if we are careful we can use it for positive and good things.

There are three areas that you have to start with when it comes to social media. When working in these areas and figuring out what your social media life is actually like, then you may see how much time and energy you put into social media. Too often our social media platforms become what we base our self worth on, when all they do is show an image of us that we want others to see us as.

I am a firm believer in really diving into your social media follows what you are filling your mind with throughout the dat and unfollowing and leaving the things that you consciously know are feeding into you disorder/anxieties.

1. Time.

We all know that social media seems to sometimes take up an absorbent amount of time out of our day. We spend some much time scrolling and scrolling and when you start to become mindful of all the time you spend on social media you may find that you are wasting your time.

Too often we get straight on social media in the morning, after school, before bed, and all the time in between. We fill our brains with screen time, which can negatively affect sleep and your eyesight. Imagine how much you can get done in a day if you were to not get on any social media at all. I dare you to spend at least a day (a week if you’re feeling brave) off of all social medias, even the ones you love (yes, that means finding someone else to keep you streaks!).

2. Comparison.

What stood out most to me about social media and what still can hurt me and pull me back into disorder thoughts is the comparison trap. Our society thrives off  of our constant comparing. That is why we are always buying the next trend, wearing layers of makeup daily, dying our hair constantly, wanting to change our body, wanting to be “healthier”, wanting to be smart, wanting to be better in general.

On social media people are presenting the image the like best of themselves to everyone else. I no way does this image have to be real, or truth. What we scroll through on instagram/facebook/twitter/snapchat/pinterest/etc. is a single view of someone. It is the best of them without anything bad, and normal that best is taking flattering pictures or showing off the latest party. Their normal pictures should not be what we base our worth off of. We are so much more than a quick snapshot.

Too many times I will log onto a social media platform and see thin/fit girls and I start to feel worse about myself. I fall into this mental trap. So I have to make an effort to log off social media, to unfollow accounts who may unintentionally be harming my recovery, to just take a break and be quiet.

3. Hiding the real.

White Noise. We all know what it is but often times we don’t place what may be white noise in our own lives. I was just listening to an amazing sermon and he talked about how we choose our different white noises in life. One of these is social media. We use social media to cover up the real, the emotions we are afraid to face.

Instead of studying we often times go straight to social media, we are hiding from our anxiety or fear towards that class/test/exam. We use social media when we don’t want to talk or are social anxious and scared to confront someone. We log straight on to social media to avoid action, to avoid facing our problems head on.

So, just imagine what you could find out about yourself if you were to log off social media for a day. Face what you do not want. Take away the white noise and see what its covering.

Love, Mack.

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