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What Purity Really Means and How To Truly Live It

Hello wonderful warriors! I hope your day is going great or ending great so far! I have been trying my best to stay warm as it gets very cold outside. Even though I love winter time and the cold, I am getting ready for summer time and warm weather.

Today though, I was to talk about an extremely popular topic in not just religious/christian communities, but in majority of households or our conscious. Purity is such a vague and lightly used word now in must christian settings. We have become accustomed to skewing all that this word really means.

Purity is more than just the surface level of what most of us think of. Purity is more than abstaining from sex until marriage, purity is a mindset, a way of living. Purity goes into every aspect of our life. Especially when it comes to relationships and more specifically romantic relationships.

Our culture romanticizes relationships with each other and too often we go in with wrong and worldly expectations. We expect this beautiful and romantic relationship which is impossible if we do not have God at the center of our intentions.

God is the master and creator of love. He gave us the ability to love and form romantic relationships in order to help us better understand his relationship/love towards us. Marriage and love with the opposite sex gives us a small glimpse into His vision of love for us and towards His Church.

So, when it comes to purity it is not something He takes lightly. Purity is our mindset, the way we see potential “mates”. Too often I get trapped in the constant cycle of ‘crushes’. I will get over one crush just to find myself liking someone new. Constantly trying to please guys and find meaning in their attention leaves me lonely and leaves very little time for God in my life.

God wants a part, a rather large part, in our romantic relationships. He wants to be the center. When He is the center, we can be content. Content with waiting. With trusting Him and His plan for our ‘love life’. He has a plan that is more romantic and amazing than anything this world tells us is special. The person He has made for you is alive, they are there, they are out there, pray for them, respect them (even though you may not know them), respect them through your purity (not just physical).

Purity is thought deep. Purity goes into our core. Our every thought should come from the want to be pure in Gods sight. If we truly want a fairytale romance it starts with us respecting our future spouse through purity in every aspect of our life. Through what we watch, read, see, the way we talk and think.

Some applicable things you can do to help you with your purity is:

  1. Think of your future spouse in everything.
    1. When it comes to your though think about your future spouse and if those thoughts would honor them or if they would anger and make them jealous.
    2. Think of them in your actions with the opposite gender. If it is honoring your future husband, and if they were right there you would still act the same way.
  2. Write love letters to them.
    1. This makes them real. It gives you a way to feel like you know them even if you do not.
  3. Focus on God.
    1. Through your singleness focus on your purpose. Use this wonderful time to commit to God and to really keep him at the center.
  4. Pray.
    1. The number one thing to do is to PRAY. Bring your loneliness and thoughts to God. He will met you where you are.


I hope to do more Christ centered post and more post on my thoughts on purity (which are wide and various). I recommend researching some books to ready on purity and to really look into it yourself.

Figure out how to act out Gods design for purity in our relationships.

3b40e30ee93dccd394e6c3ee2e34c6cfLove, Mack

1 thought on “What Purity Really Means and How To Truly Live It”

  1. This was so well put and I agree with all of it! Relationships take work, including our relationship with God. Finding ways to honor Him and rely on Him before anyone else teaches us to love selflessly and helps us with other relationships in our lives. Thank you for sharing!

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