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4 Tips To Starting A Consistent Devotional

Hey! I hope you are all having a great day and doing what you love, but even if not take a nap give yourself rest and time.

I have been constantly trying to work on my faith and growing closer to God in our relationship. It is a struggle to always try and find time to do devotionals, to pray, to just talk to and focus on God.

But then, it dawned on me, that it all boils down to one things: priorities. Where do my prioritizes lie. Do I place finishing the next episode, reading, watching a movie, sleep, etc, above Christ and God.

Once we start to compromise our spiritual life it all starts to slip from our grasp. If you truly believe in Christ then you have to commit every part of your being to praising and drawing closer to him. Commit your entire life to you Creator.

When you look at how amazing God is you see how insane it would seem to not structure your life around Him and worshipping Him. The more we focus on Christ the more we become like Him.

Our goal as christians should be to be as Christ-like as possible. We should minutely be striving to be more like Christ. Every second we should be asking, praying, and working with God to apply His truths to our lives and what we do.

When we start to be changed from the inside out, we become a light for others to bring them to Christ. As we begin to draw closer to Christ he draws closer to us.

Christ meets us where we are.

I can not stress the importance of starting a daily devotional and daily prayer with Christ. So, if you struggle with staying consistent in your spiritual life here are some tips.

  1. Make a plan.

Start by making a plan. Write down a scripture and reading plan for your year. Something that is doable for your schedule but that also pushes you to spend more time in the word.

  1. Get perspective.

Really be intentional about what you want to place first in your life. If you believe in Christ you should work to keep him at the center. At the center of everything you do. Look at the things you do in your everyday life and really think about what matters. Choose the things that improve you, even if that is napping or reading or studying, choose the things that help you mentally and physically. But, most importantly prioritize your spiritual life, choose to look for God in everything and to talk to Him daily. Be in His word daily.

  1. Work in the details.

Look at your life. At all the little details. All the times and all the small parts of your life you don’t think much about. Every time before you eat, spend time thanking God. Every time before you sleep thank God for every small detail of your life and talk to him about the things you need help with. Share the intimate details with your Father who cares endlessly. Even when you are in the car listen to music that you can praise Him with. Every part of your life can be used to glorify God.

  1. Stay committed. Be intentional.

This is the part most of us fail at. We start with a plan, we focus on God, we use our time wisely to praise and pray, but throughout the year we start to slack. We find it harder and harder to find time to spend time in the Word everyday. We struggle to talk to God before bed. But, when we do this it all starts to slip. As we start to be lazy when it comes to our time with God that is also when life seems to get so much more hectic and impossible. When we focus everything we do on God, life somehow slows down and we start to gain perspective and enjoy life even more.

I hope you are intentional about everything you do and say. You are the person who can change lives. You have the ability to change a person. To shifts someones day. It all starts with your own internal relationship with God. Once you and God are on the same team you can start to live out a life honoring to God.

You may realize that when your life starts to lineup to how God ask us to live, that you may find yourself more joyful, living a more fulfilled life, and loving every second of everyday.


Love, Mack

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