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New Start: Changing your wardrobe to honor God

Hey, my wonderful lovely warriors. So mid week point, I hope you’re slowly chugging along till the weekend comes. I have been wanting to start doing my Christ centered post and this is one topic I have always felt adamant about, but never quite sure how far is too far.

Our clothing choices say a lot about who we are. I mean in a crowded room of people we do not know, we will most likely go the group or person dressed similar to us, or dressed in apparel we “approve” of. Our clothing says a lot about us, and it also says about what we believe.

So when it comes to your wardrobe it should fall into obedience with God and His word as much as the rest of your life does. It is okay to want to be fashionable or look/feel good.

But we should never start to idolize our clothing. It may seem like a strange concept, but in reality most of us do it in small ways. We shop every time we get on electronics, we scroll through feeds and look at clothing and outfits, we look up what would look best on our “body type”, we look up trends, we check ourselves in the mirror 24/7, etc.

We may not even realize just how much time we are spending focusing on self and more specifically what we are wearing. The world around us tells us often, especially in the case of women, that more is better.

The more we show the better. We are always being shown new clothing trends which reveal more and more. Being pushed and pressured to reveal what makes us uncomfortable. Our clothing should honor God and should express ourselves.

Media is telling us the in order to truly love our bodies we must show them off for the world to see. I reject this and so does the Bible. The Bible calls us to cover ourselves up and to honor our bodies and our (future) spouse. Your clothing should prove that you believe in God and that you know you are worthy.

When we are looking from trend to trend and always on the search for something that makes us look/feel great we are replacing what God says about us in His word. He says:

  • You are worthy. You are worthy of love and honor. Your clothing does not bring you the love you crave. What you wear may give you short term attention from the world, but in the end Gods attention is what we really crave. If you decide to dress yourself as if you knew your own worth in Gods eyes, you would dress respectfully of your body. Modesty is in no way self consciousness. Modesty is what Christ calls us towards. Modesty is loving our bodies enough to say, you are beautiful and you are made perfectly, and because of that I will honor you enough to clothe you and respect you.
  • You are a daughter of the KING. You have been called beautiful and worthy by the King of all Kings. Your Father is God Himself. He called you beautiful. And when you have that title you have to dress accordingly. Just how you have to dress a certain way for work, God calls us to honor and respect him enough to abide by his dress code. He ask us to love Him enough to respect our bodies and to dress modestly. Dress as if God were watching the final outcome, wear clothing that honors God. Clothing that you feel good in, but that also is respectful.

Clothing and modesty is too often looked down upon when it comes to the worlds view of christianity today. Too many people get ridiculed for not showing enough skin or for being a “prude”. But when this happens you can almost feel joy.

When others start to ridicule us for what we are doing for Christ it is like a green light from God saying we are doing the right thing. Do not conform to this world he tells us. We are commanded to be set apart, in everything, clothing included.

He tells us we will be ridiculed and beat, but this is sure proof that we are whole heartedly pursuing God. God wants us to freely give all to Him.
ALL. Give it all to Him who gave you His all.

Love, Mack.

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