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How to Move Past Cultures Idea of Healthy

Hey there my strong brave warriors! So I am beyond excited right now because it is snowing outside! It has never snowed where I live before and I am so pumped. It is amazing and so beautiful. So I hope everyones day is going amazing so far and if you are lucky enough to have… Continue reading How to Move Past Cultures Idea of Healthy

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When Can I Start Practicing Intuitive Eating

Heya my sweet, lovely, beautiful, strong, warriors! Christmas is tomorrow and I am beyond excited. Although, this does not feel as Christmasy as it used to when I was younger. Some of the magic is gone, but I feel like things change when your older. You get to embrace new parts of Christmas. You get… Continue reading When Can I Start Practicing Intuitive Eating

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3 Tricks To Listening To Your Body

Hello, lovely warriors! I hope your week is going amazing and that you are spending the holidays with family or ones you love. Speaking of holiday season, something that is very important and stressed during the holidays is listening to your body. This is so important when your at the many holiday parties and surrounded… Continue reading 3 Tricks To Listening To Your Body

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Thanksgiving During Recovery

Hello my lovely fighters! I am so excited for this post and this holiday series! This is my favorite time of the year. I love the weather, the clothing, the family, the feeling, all of it. But, I also know what this time of the year brings for a lot of people recovering and in… Continue reading Thanksgiving During Recovery

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Set Point Weight Theory

Set point weight theory has a lot of controversy to it. I have talked about it with people around me who agree and with people who do not agree. I personally think it is completely true and reliable. I believe that it is also something that can be very helpful in recovery. Something that can… Continue reading Set Point Weight Theory