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4 Tips To Starting A Consistent Devotional

Hey! I hope you are all having a great day and doing what you love, but even if not take a nap give yourself rest and time. I have been constantly trying to work on my faith and growing closer to God in our relationship. It is a struggle to always try and find time… Continue reading 4 Tips To Starting A Consistent Devotional

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Strive for More, Receive More

Hello, lovely people! So I have lately been going through my devotionals and trying to make them as fast as possible. But, I feel like God is calling me to calm down. To step back and get perspective. Stepping back and spending more time with God, means so much more than a few more minutes… Continue reading Strive for More, Receive More

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Loving Others = Loving Yourself

Hello, my lovely warriors! So, this morning I was doing my devotional and realized that I have not done a devotion blog in a little while. For that reason, I have decided to do this one. I've been reading through Psalm for the past month or so and it has some beautful scripture in it.… Continue reading Loving Others = Loving Yourself