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New Start: The problem with the ‘New Year, New Diet’ mentality

Heya my wonderful friends! So it is a new year and we are still in the first month. January every year seems to be the year of starting over. Everyone is posting about their new year and about the new 'healthy' lifestyle they are sure to achieve. It is so hard to be in recovery… Continue reading New Start: The problem with the ‘New Year, New Diet’ mentality

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How to Move Past Cultures Idea of Healthy

Hey there my strong brave warriors! So I am beyond excited right now because it is snowing outside! It has never snowed where I live before and I am so pumped. It is amazing and so beautiful. So I hope everyones day is going amazing so far and if you are lucky enough to have… Continue reading How to Move Past Cultures Idea of Healthy

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Cautious Recovery: Toxic Relationships

Heya, warriors! So, today feels wonderful outside. It actually feels like winter outside and I am pumped for the cold weather. I am so excited to get finals over with next week and relax some during Christmas break. I can not wait for Christmas, it is my favorite time of the year. But, todays post… Continue reading Cautious Recovery: Toxic Relationships

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Cautious Recovery: Music

Hello, my lovely warriors! I hope your November is ending well and that you are enjoying the weather wherever you are. I hopes its cooler for you as we slowly approach winter. So this post is continuing in my cautious recovery series, which is meant as a sort of warning to you and a way… Continue reading Cautious Recovery: Music