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How To Truly Embrace Your Stomach

So, something every single person, male and female struggles with. Accepting our stomachs. It seems to be the hardest thing, in recovery, in the midst of an eating disorder, or without ever having an eating disorder. It seems like most people struggle with their stomachs. I know most of you who clicked on here probably… Continue reading How To Truly Embrace Your Stomach

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How To Live The Life You Want (and are made for)

Hello my wonderful best friends, my fighters! So as the year continues on something that always comes up with a new year is talk about your past and your life. It is common for most people to look back at the last year and figure out what was good and bad. During a new year… Continue reading How To Live The Life You Want (and are made for)

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3 Keys to Boost Self-Confidence

Hello, wonderful lovely best friend warriors!! So I want to start up a section of my blog for just every day useful tips, tricks and keys to living the best life for you. So I am starting with one that I know every single person struggles with: self-confidence. Every human struggles with self-confidence and loving… Continue reading 3 Keys to Boost Self-Confidence

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Cautious Recovery: Music

Hello, my lovely warriors! I hope your November is ending well and that you are enjoying the weather wherever you are. I hopes its cooler for you as we slowly approach winter. So this post is continuing in my cautious recovery series, which is meant as a sort of warning to you and a way… Continue reading Cautious Recovery: Music