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Cautious Recovery: Letting Faith Carry You Through (spiritual)

Hello, my beautiful, happy, lovely warrior friends! I hope your new year is off to a great start and if not, things can change! Don't get caught up in how the first few days or weeks of the new year goes for you, that can easily change and it doesn't dictate the rest of your… Continue reading Cautious Recovery: Letting Faith Carry You Through (spiritual)

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When Can I Start Practicing Intuitive Eating

Heya my sweet, lovely, beautiful, strong, warriors! Christmas is tomorrow and I am beyond excited. Although, this does not feel as Christmasy as it used to when I was younger. Some of the magic is gone, but I feel like things change when your older. You get to embrace new parts of Christmas. You get… Continue reading When Can I Start Practicing Intuitive Eating

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Cautious Recovery: Toxic Relationships

Heya, warriors! So, today feels wonderful outside. It actually feels like winter outside and I am pumped for the cold weather. I am so excited to get finals over with next week and relax some during Christmas break. I can not wait for Christmas, it is my favorite time of the year. But, todays post… Continue reading Cautious Recovery: Toxic Relationships

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Cautious Recovery: Music

Hello, my lovely warriors! I hope your November is ending well and that you are enjoying the weather wherever you are. I hopes its cooler for you as we slowly approach winter. So this post is continuing in my cautious recovery series, which is meant as a sort of warning to you and a way… Continue reading Cautious Recovery: Music

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Cautious Recovery: Media

Hello my lovely warriors! So I am going to start a new series that I hope is informational to you and is slight nudge for you to move towards recovering. So this series is going to be a little long but it is something I feel very passionate about and that I feel is imperative… Continue reading Cautious Recovery: Media